Learn to Drive in Sri Lanka

Instructor Driving Lessons______________________________________________________________________

All driving instructors must be registered approved Driving Instructors (DI) with the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) Sri Lanka. Make sure your instructor is registered.
Driving Instructors are registered DMTs and many hold further Driving Instruction Qualifications. Instructors are interested in keeping up to date with all issues relating to Driving Education and Road Safety.
Remember your Instructor is very well informed and the guidance and advice given will invaluable to you. Your instructor can give you clear information and answer your questions so that you start your driving career with the correct basics.
You should discuss your plans for training, practicing, and taking your test with your instructor so that your training timetable is relevant and you have the opportunity to complete the full syllabus. At every stage your instructor will advise you of your progress.

Advice for Learners____________________________________________________________________________

On these pages you will find useful advice and information for learners.

01.Theory Test
02.Learner Permit
03.Rules of the Road
04.Driving Lessons
05.Getting Practice and Accompanied Driving
06.The Driving Test

Theory Test / Learner Permit____________________________________________________________________

Before you may drive you must be in possession of a Learner Permit.

You will need to complete an Application Form, have Medical Report completed by a MBBS Doctor with your Blood Group, an Original copy (not photo copy) of your Birth Certificate and your National Identity Card. You should submit these in person (any other person can’t do this for you) your written examination date will be issued to you on the same. On the date of exam you must passed from the exam. When you have passed your theory test,
You must not drive until you receive your actual Learner Permit.

Rules of the Road_____________________________________________________________________________

Before you drive you should study the Rules of the Road. You will need to know them in order to drive safely and to pass your Test. You will be asked questions on the Rules of the Road at your Test so as you start and are learning to drive you should have a clear understanding of all the rules. If you have any queries you should ask your instructor to assist you. You should study them until you know it comprehensively. These are practiced in safety with no risk to others or themselves and allow the learner to be safe and competent in such techniques before going out on the road.

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